Projects Form-Based Codes

Mesa’s Form-Based Code Showing Quick Built Results!

The first building utilizing the new Mesa Form-Based Code, which was adopted in June 2012, is deep into its construction with four floors already framed. This building is a $17-million, 81-unit senior-living complex built on a 2.4-acre parcel on First Street, just southwest of the Mesa Arts Center and close to the light rail. Its target is active seniors looking for an urban environment with access to light rail.

This project is the result of a planning and Form-Based Code process led by Opticos that removed barriers for infill and has broken downtown Mesa’s 20-plus year construction drought for privately financed large construction projects.

This project is being made possible by federal tax credits that give low-rent housing investors a break on their tax bills.

You can read more about the approval process for this projects here and here. You can download a copy of the code here.

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