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Opticos Tops Riverside Smart Code Consultant Team Rankings

Opticos Design is excited to work with the City of Riverside, CA, on its upcoming Smart Code Specific Plan. The city announced this week that Opticos has topped the consultant selection process rankings for the project.

Opticos Principal Stefan Pellegrini and Director of Form-Based Coding Tony Perez were in Riverside on March 13 to meet with the Selection Committee and present their proposal to more than 40 Riverside community members. The city asked community members to evaluate which team would best fit their community. In their written evaluations, interview participants called the Opticos team approachable, honest, creative, organized, respectful, and thoughtful. One evaluator wrote, “Stefan Pellegrini explained the process and plan quite well and in layman’s terms. He was likable and sincere.”

According to the city, the public evaluations accounted for 25% of the overall score, while evaluations by the Selection Committee, comprised of representatives from various city departments, accounted for 75% of the score. The teams were scored based on their technical abilities, proposed approach, experience, and availability.

Work is expected to begin this June. Opticos will work with Sargent Town Planning to lead a multidisciplinary team of 14 subconsultants.

More information about Riverside’s Smart Code Specific Plan, including the final scores and handwritten community evaluations, can be found on the city’s website.

Image courtesy of the City of Riverside.

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