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Public Draft of Austin’s CodeNEXT Land Development Code Now Live!

After intensive public outreach, diagnosis, and drafting, the City of Austin recently released the public review draft of its CodeNEXT Land Development Code. As lead consultant for the project, Opticos introduced the code to the public at a meeting of the City’s Code Advisory Group on February 1st. (Teaming partners Lisa Wise Consulting and Peter J. Park were also on hand to unveil.)

To help educate Austinites on the features of CodeNEXT, we collaborated with city staff to create a Code Draft Preview and poster series that provide a peek into how the code works and how the updated code will help realize the community’s ambitions for the city. In addition to an overview of Transect zones and conventional zones (the code uses each type of zoning where appropriate), highlights include CodeNEXT priorities such as improved mobility, a cleaner environment, a stronger sense of community, and more.

As we look forward to the release of the revised zoning map in April, check out the City of Austin’s videos of Public Draft Release presentations and events.