Missing Middle is a range of multi-unit or clustered housing types compatible in scale with single-family homes that help meet the growing demand for walkable urban living.

Explore The Types of Missing Middle Housing and read our insights.

Bungalow court Duplex: Side-by-Side A stacked duplex consists of two stacked dwelling units, which both face and are entered from the street, and create mid-density, walkable, neighborhoods. A multiplex consists of five to 10 side-by-side and/or stacked dwelling units, typically with one shared entry or individual entries along the front.

“Well-designed ‘Missing Middle’ buildings unify the walkable streetscape as they greatly diversify the choices available for households of different age, size, and income. Smaller households tend to eat out more, helping our neighborhood attract wonderful restaurants. Diverse households keep diverse hours meaning we have more people out walking our streets at more varied hours—keeping them safer.” — Ellen Dunham-Jones, professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology and co-author of Retrofitting Suburbia: Urban Design Solutions for Redesigning Suburbs



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