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Dan Parolek Joins TransForm Board of Directors

­Opticos Design is proud to announce that Principal Dan Parolek has joined the board of TransForm, California’s leading non-profit promoting transportation and walkable communities. TransForm seeks to change regional transportation priorities to link land use and transportation decisions by merging the goals of social justice and environmental groups, and encouraging them to broaden the way they think about transportation and planning.

TransForm also advocates for the planning and implementation of safer streets and bike paths, especially surrounding community schools and expanding urban mass transit and housing developments within walking distance of transit hubs. The group recently launched the GreenTRIP Parking Database, an online tool that helps communities and developers build smarter, multi-family residential buildings by showing how being near transit and using innovative low-traffic strategies like free transit passes and on-site car-sharing reduces the need for parking.

“Dan is bringing a great mix of experience—especially his innovative approach to urban planning—and passion for making great communities here in the Bay Area, where we are based,” said Stuart Cohen, TransForm’s founder and executive director.

TransForm’s current fundraising goals include raising $50,000 by December 31st through their Campaign to Connect California. The funds will support their efforts in 2015 to keep BART safe and affordable for riders, ensure that the state spends funds dedicated to sustainable, equitable transportation, and advocate for the South Bay Bus Rapid Transit that would revolutionize public transportation and revive a dangerous thoroughfare along El Camino Real. Click now to support TransForm’s efforts!

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